Meditation and Ausarian Initiation

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Divine Law and the Initiation Program

Chemists and Physicists are able to accurately manipulate atoms and the forces of nature because they have knowledge of the laws that govern the behaviour of atoms and forces.  Over six thousand years ago, Kamitic sages discovered the laws that govern man’s spirit and therefore her/his behavior and life events.  These laws govern the behaviour of the 11 faculties of the spirit and are subsumed in the concept of Maat.  The 11 faculties of the spirit are the Paut Neteru that have been popularized by the Kabala as the Tree of Life. In the Ausarian initiation the initiate places these laws, Maat, into the mind to guide the life force to manifest proper thinking and emotional conduct to thus achieve well being and success in all endeavours.  Success in all things depends on the perfect harmony between all faculties of the spirit, and union with God which is guaranteed by living in harmony with Maat, the 11 Laws of the spirit. the course includes instruction in meditation, use of mantras, Kundalini Yoga and Egyptian Spirituality.