Maat Love and Order

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Start: October 6, 2019

Time: 2:00pm

Location: Body’s Perfection 1050 Finch Ave west  2nd floor

Cost in person: Donation

Maat, pronounced “Ma-aut”, corresponds to the faculty within man wherein is intuited and experienced the urge to live truth (according to the laws of the indwelling self). The name and the meaning derived from the hieroglyph that is the phonetic symbol of “Maa”-the measure of a cubit. The connection of measurement with Truth is one of the most profound achievements of the African mind. We saw that the name of Maat’s compliment (brother/husband), Tehuti, is also based on the idea of measurement. When something, one side of an equation is known, it is because we have an objective standard, the other side of the equation, against which to measure it. Hence the “double measure” or “Tehu-ti”, the “utchau metut” (Weighing of Words) and the Weighing of the Heart judgment, etc.

The construction of all things and the unfolding of all events are based on universal patterns underlying the activities of all natural forces. While some of the patterns underlying physical phenomena have been discovered and codified by Western scientists (E.g., chemistry, physics), Africans and other Nonwestern people have discovered and codified the patterns governing our day to day existence and spiritual development. In other words, the quality of life, the destiny of men and nations are ruled by forces that are as measurable and subject to codification into immutable laws as are the factors governing physical and chemical phenomena. In the esoteric tradition, the branch of study governing these laws is Cosmology. The embodiment of these laws (moral canon), against which the actions and beliefs of Man are weighed/measured, is Maat.

Join us as we explore these principles.