Success Sundays

Fall/Winter Theme: Preparing for Relationships

Date: Begins Sunday November 6, 2016(4 weeks)
Time: 1:00pm
Location: 1050 Finch Avenue West suite 200
Cost: Donation(class may require purchase of supplementary materials)


In this series we will explore male female relationships as they have never been looked at before. We trace the historical development of the ideas and customs that shaped the nature of our relationships today-for good and for bad. We will learn why the oppression of women-sanctioned governments and religious organizations-in the west for the past 4000 years, has kept the west from developing a wholesome family institution. You will learn how you and your mate–and it’s more fun with others–can put yourself through a preparation program that will help you to correct the common mistakes that are responsible for the 50% official divorce rate today.